The Weaving Workshop

This workshop has been the most enjoyable by far for me! We had Andrea come in to thread up the loom and to teach us a few basic weaving techniques.

This was my loom, and I immediately loved how fast I could see the results of the weave. With Andrea’s guidance, it was very easy to learn the method.

To remember:

  • Keep moving the heddle up and down for each woven yarn piece
  • Bear in mind the colours of the piece
  • Create neater edges
  • Don’t work too fast- it caused a lot of tangling of the yarn
  • Use more thicker yarn next time, saves time from wrapping the thinner ones twice
  • Try more shapes next time- like triangles

After taking an hour to become familiar with our looms, Andrea showed us how to use the four shaft loom. It seemed very complicated at first, due to the larger size and the reeds, but  it was not difficult at all, and we all quickly learnt how to do a plain weave and twill. We were able to to confidently switch between handles 1-4 after following a sheet of instructions, which is also on google drive.

Diagram of using the four shaft loom 


Andrea had woven most of this piece, but we managed to continue it successfully with a plain and twill weave:



I will definitely be weaving for my FMP, and the workshop has really made me consider it as my pathway in the BA course in the future. I will be practising more next week and the weeks after, and I’m excited about the outcomes that could be made after refining and planning my ideas before making the actual piece.



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