Sewing Workshop

Jo Chambers comes from Bath to hold sewing workshops for us every Monday. So I will update this post every time a workshop is completed.

Firstly, she taught us how to use the sewing machines in the studios, as these types are the ones found in most universities. I became familiar using it again, as I hadn’t used the machine for months.

Jo taught us how to use the pintuck foot, which was ideal in creating these “raised” lines on fabric, which is perfect for exploring a theme of grids for example. The samples above are Jo’s. My first attempts were not great, perhaps because I didn’t use a twin needle, which wasn’t available at that time. But I will definitely practice more in creating a neater stitch:

I was more successful in drawing circles on the sewing machine. To do this, you need a strip of masking tape and a drawing pin, preferable one that is flat, and doesn’t have too much of a dome top. Place the pin upside down next to the needle and tape the pin in place. Place the fabric onto the pin and do a straight stitch, and a circle should be sewn.


This raised, textured stitch was created using one of the stitch features on the machine, and it was definitely my favourite technique yet. I hope to overlap my circles next time, and I’m excited to see how these methods can be used for my upcoming project on maps, grids, line and contours.


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