Small Change Fair

Upon recommendation by a friend, I attended the Small Change fair today in Central Saint Martins and it was held by foundation students in the 3D pathway.


The purpose of the fair was to sell sustainable products, to demonstrate that innovation can be created through reusing, or the upcycling of wasted materials like plastic bags, bottle cap lids or even food waste (egg shells etc). The fair truly highlighted the concerns of the designers about our environment, and the future of using man-made products, thus making sustainability a large focus in the artistic field now. Nonetheless, I was very impressed with the final outcomes in jewellery, product design and architecture, and it was definitely an inspiring, educational experience.

These are some of the products taken from UAL’s 3D instagram feed, most products were under £10! These are leather bowls, recycled plastic bag and keyboard key wallets, vintage comic coasters and beach hut model designs.


I purchased two rings today- one made of leather with a decorative origami bird, and the other constructed from Mahogany wood and holographic CD pieces. I was drawn to the clever idea of using CDs- the vivid, attractive aspect and the unfortunate fact that they are no longer used as much due to the growing use of online music and videos etc. Therefore the ring collection was named “memo-rings”, serving as memorable fragments of the CD being the object of the past.

CSM never fails to disappoint me in the immediacy of their projects, from production and into business straight away. This bustling, lively environment that truly celebrates creativity is what convinces me to place it as the top choice for my BA (hons) studies.


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