The process took 1.5 days for me, and Elaine guided me through every step. To screen-print my slogan onto a white t-shirt, I had to prepare first:

  1. Have my slogan open on photoshop
  2. Print it in black (this won’t affect my intention for it to be screen- printed in another colour)
  3. Print onto acetate, print it twice and tape both acetate pieces together
  4. Cut the remaining acetate off if there is no slogan filling up the a4 space
  5. Place the acetate onto the vacuum, then the prepared screen on top
  6. Leave about 2 minutes for the vacuum to transfer the slogan onto the mesh screen
  7. Rinse the screen briefly then leave to dry (10 minutes)
  8. Prepare my dyes, a good start is two large spoons of emulsion, then one spoon of coloured dye, add more if needed

Screen – Printing:

  1. Hook in my screen
  2. Screen-print onto the large plastic cover first, as this will help us align the slogan on the t shirt later on
  3. Place a line of dye on the top of the screen, and pull the squeegee towards you slowly
  4. Go back up once more
  5. Lift the screen up and the slogan is printed onto the plastic cover
  6. Lift the plastic cover and place the t-shirt underneath it
  7. Repeat the printing process and it is done!


  1. Wait overnight for the dye to dry
  2. Iron the t shirt inside out to seal the slogan fully
  3. The slogan t-shirt is ready to wear!

I want to design more logos and slogans next time on photoshop, and experiment in printing layers of shapes and different colours!



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