Repeat Pattern on Photoshop

I had a Photoshop workshop with Claire after lunchtime to learn about creating a repeat pattern on Photoshop. It was much simpler than I thought, and being completely new to Photoshop, I was glad with what I produced, and it would have been even more successful if I used my own drawings to repeat.

These are two PDF documents of my patterns:



It was tricky to use the select tool to choose the shapes in the “airplane” picture that Claire used for our demonstration, but after many attempts, I managed to choose my ideal shapes and all it needed was patience and working through the instructions much more slowly. The blue denim compliments the bright orange but not the darker shade. Perhaps the darker orange pattern would suit a burgundy or forest green background instead. As for the dragonflies, less white space by not selecting parts of it’s background would produce more of a “proper” print.

Nonetheless, it was not bad for a first try, and I definitely feel more confident in using Photoshop now, and the new potential skills I could gain from it, such as refinement, understanding of colours and measurements, as well as being familiar with a digital way of working, which I used to always be afraid to try.



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