Oxford Museums Day 4 & 5

I photographed every part of the samurai armour which I found the most captivating- in particular, it was the tassels, ropes, plates and the symbolic emblems (representing Buddhism or values like honour) on the sleeves.

Some of my favourite shots from the selection

After photographing and drawing textural aspects of the armour with different mark-makings, I went to the Pitt Rivers gift shop and spoke to the sales assistant about what sold best in the shop. I recorded all the market research in my journal, and what surprised me most was that friendship bracelets sold best, as one person would get one, and that makes the whole group of friends purchase it too. So perhaps I could create a bracelet by playing around with yarns to mimic the ropes & tassels of the samurai armour.

Now, I aim to create surface pattern designs from the photos to print for stationary, as well as bracelets to represent the rope and tassel tying techniques on armour.



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