Oxford Museums (Day 3)

I spent the third day at the Pitt Rivers Museum, and after the tour guide ended on the highest floor of the museum, I was instantly drawn to the “Shields” and Japanese armour collection.

Japanese Armour Collection

My tassel sketches

I noticed that I was consistently intrigued by tassels, and I found so many in Japanese armour. In my summer heirloom project, I discovered that tassels in South Asia represented honour. Due to the closing time of the museum, I was not able to note down more on the significance of each armour part, but I’ve decided to focus my museum brief on this section of Pitt Rivers. My ideas are driven further due to Pinterest, and I’ve begun building my board on this:

By taking in Karl’s feedback on refining my drawings more,I’ve been practising with smaller fineliners, and producing more detailed, longer sustained sketches which I normally don’t attempt as much. One of my targets for Part 2 was to develop exactly this, and I’m glad that it’s being accomplished, as there is an imortant  “illustrative” quality to textile design too.

Before the museum shut, I quickly photographed the selection of scarves that Pitt Rivers were selling in their shop. There was quite a lot of floral designs and the colours were pleasingly vivid, perhaps due to the silk material too. I want to print on silk for my future designs, and I feel that the selection could be improved with more metallic, geometric patterns, but also designed in a more inventive, exquisite way, such as an elegant tassel replicated pattern, or tiny bead-like structures.

img_9452Scarf Selection in Pitt Rivers

Tomorrow, I will collage my sketchbook pages ready for more drawings, and concentrate fully on Japanese Armour, hopefully generating surface design sketches by the end.


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