Oxford Museums (Day 2)

I spent my afternoon at the Natural History Museum, and I had a closer study of the artefacts upstairs.


This belonged to the “Evoloution of camouflage” section. As predators become more strong in exposing preys who camouflage, a greater refinement of camouflage eventually occurs. I was attracted to the crunchy textures and the rusty brown, Autumn colours. This was a piece that required viewers to spot as many bugs as they could, and it encouraged me to think about creating illusions within pattern design.

Glass plates

Left: Tie-Dye , Right: Shibori

I was mesmerised by these glass plates depicting the colours of the Arctic. The palette consists of three clean colours- white, indigo and light blue, and they are manipulated to form the most stunning shapes. The plates reminded me of shibori and tie dye techniques, and I love the way that the white spreads, it can be so unpredictable. The glossy surface also adds a special, polished quality to the pieces, perhaps to indicate how fragile the artic environment is.

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These were textiles collages created in response to the polar bears and the northern lights. I like the layering of fabrics, and the colours used are very precise, as well as the shapes. The glittery fabric gives a literal element to the collages, the glow of the stars, the drizzle of the snow, or the reflection of the waters. But I personally find it difficult to use glittered fabric because I prefer creating a shine through glazes, or cling film to reflect light.

These are the artefacts I want to look into if I decide to design for the Natural History Museum. Tomorrow, I will spend the afternoon in Pitt Rivers, and decide which museum I prefer most.


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