Open Day: Central Saint Martins (2/2)

This morning I attended the open day at Central Saint Martins for BA Textiles Design. It was a much more successful open day than BA fashion, as they showed us more of the students’ work, and I also managed to speak to an undergraduate who answered my questions well.


  • There are 4,000 students at this college
  • Only 70 are in BA Textiles.
  • 35% international students on Textiles course
  • They work as “flexible specialists”, so they still maintain an open approach in whichever specialism they choose, in either Weave, Print or Knit.
  • Exploratory aspect in the first year, specialises in the second year
  • Strong industry links, live client projects such as Christian Lacroix, Taiwan Textile Federation
  • 90% students are in work/ study after 6 months
  • Study trips abroad (it has been Paris, Florence in the past)
  • Students participate in New Designers Exhibition
  • Graduates work successfully for Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, H&M, Oasis, Ford, Nissan etc
  • Graduates have recently been awarded TED Fellowship, Texprint colour award, Surface design award, British Contract Furnishing etc


  • No designated studio space
  • Not yet confirmed a placement year for BA Textiles, but there is hope that it will happen for 2017 applicants
  • Studios are only open between 8am-5pm

Contact Time:

  • 2 days a week: Taught, briefings, group tutorials, technical induction, assessments
  • 1 day a week: Supervised, Open access IT facilities, studio/workshop times
  • 1 day a week: Independent study, practice and research
  • 1 day a week: Contextual studies


  • Mini E-Portfolio must consist of 10-12 sheets
  • Sketchbooks, notebooks, working drawings, life drawing, photography, textile techniques, material and media manipulation, 2D or 3D work in E-Portfolio
  • Must demonstrate your ability to tackle visual problems and find inventive/ creative solutions. Avoid repetition and demonstrate a wide range of skills.
  • Interviews 70% of applicants in February-March.
  • Again, at interview there must be a variety of skills than a repetition of the same outcomes from one project.

Studios and weaving looms/ machines

After attending both Fashion and Textiles open days, I asked an undergraduate about the difference between the two courses. She explained that Fashion focused more on the silhouette of designs, and it obviously only concerns the body. She says that in some ways, it is restrictive because Textiles involves flexibility, as you can work in clothing, interiors and objects. This advice helped me a lot, and I am slowly leaning for Textiles more.

I had already seen the studios in CSM, but seeing it again today and the library made me decide that this is truly the best UAL college for me. I particularly loved this student’s work in the slideshow. She portrayed colours that she found in Picadilly Circus, and this presentation/ moodboard is one which I could use in my own work too:


Overall, CSM still remains a top choice in my UCAS form. Next, I will need to visit University of East London, Loughborough and Nottingham.


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