Photographing in Botanical Gardens

These are my top 20 photographs that I have chosen for the weaving project. I am very happy with them, because they are rich in colours, shapes, and textures and I hope to use them well in the next step, so that this primary research is not wasted! I managed to gather both vivid and darker colours of nature, which means I have a chance to explore the transition of states in these plants.

I had my camera on the “close-up” feature to have the details magnified on the plants or even insects. There was also a lot of bright sunlight, so I had to adjust my ISO quite low.

My favourite from the selection is this photograph:


The texture of the dried corn is so clear- shrivelled, dry, weak and delicate. The colours are very warm, and it’s a good photograph as it shows variations between the corn, some being a brighter orange and others a deep crimson or brown. The bizarre shapes also have potential to be manipulated into a dynamic pattern- I see lopsided rectangles, a “bent” triangle, or like a “squeezed” square in the corns.


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