Oxford Fashion Week Photography

This week, I had the rare opportunity of photographing for Oxford Fashion Week. I only photographed on Monday and Friday, but the Friday photos were taken with my phone, as I didn’t have the DSLR on me at that time. Nonetheless, I was completely blown away as this was my first ever fashion event.

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This slideshow presents the best (unedited) photographs on the first night- celebrating the face of Oxford Fashion Week, 17 year old Anya Conlon. I was quite shy in approaching people to photograph, but I warmed up eventually, and shot non-stop for nearly 3 hours. I wish that my camera had a monochrome filter- this would have really been experimental.

This lady was the runner up model this year, and it was such a tight decision in deciding who would win.

Here, I snapped a photograph of Anya touching up on make-up before she even knew she won. Tiffany (on the left) made a huge announcement , and the team were very impressed.

These were photos from Friday evening, which was a catwalk of all the outfits featuring designers like Karen Millen or Lavinia Cadar. I loved the last red dress (in the collage) most, as the use of bell shaped paper-like fabric really expresses playfulness, yet a very distinct silhouette, especially around the hips, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I hope to complete more voluntary events like this in the future, as I have now been encouraged more to pursue the Fashion and Textiles pathway. It was like I was applying my Vis-Coms photography project skills to a real, live show and I’m excited to go further by taking a more active role in a fashion enviroment , such as an internship next time.



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