Project #3 Evaluation

Here, I will evaluate the success of my 3-D project on Character Creation and Animation.


  • The illustration aspect
  • Achieving a distinctive look for my character
  • Thorough research
  • Creating appropriate props and backdrop for my animation
  • Satisfactory final animation
  • Following the steps to making my armature
  • Beginning to think in 3D, utilising engineering skills as well as the illustrative part.
  • Rubber stamp workshop


  • No clear link between the static model created and the character used for animation
  • Presentation of idea development and research were presented late
  • Use of Plasticine for my first stop-motion animated character
  • The first animation
  • Armature sketches
  • Still approaching with an a-level mindset

My research was thoroughly executed, as I managed to read critical reviews on films, watch interview clips and form my own opinion on their work and how it influences mine. However, I hadn’t finished researching George Pal or Hayao Miyazaki before I already had to make my static character model and animation. Having experienced a tight schedule due to my evening photographing for Oxford Fashion Week, and the London exhibition review, I now realise that I should perhaps shorten my research to two main artists, than 4. In addition, this could be due to the habit adapted in my A-levels, where a specific number of artists were required.

I needed to plan my time more efficiently in terms of idea development too. I was determined to create a Tim Burton style of myself for the model because I loved the signature features of large eyes, pale skin and stripes. So I treated the “model” as a stylising opportunity, whereas the animation depicted a part of my personality. You could draw a link between the two by seeing them as both child-like, with the “dolly” look or the clumsiness of my animated self. However the project would be stronger if I linked them better, than have it seen like two separate briefs.

I am not the most familiar with the technical aspects of 3D work, therefore I was surprised, yet excited about how this project combined both a mindset of both 2D and 3D thinking. Constructing the grey board skeleton was difficult, only because I based it on a Burton anatomy- large forehead, pointed chin, long neck and small limbs. However I made her kneel instead of standing to demonstrate a submissive, obedient and child-like quality. I should have planned ahead and put clay at the bottom first, but I did it the other way round, causing the model to topple over a lot. The bottom required an extremely large amount of clay to keep her straight, so I should have thought of creating a base or a stronger structure on her back.

Making the static model

The final outcome

She turned out just as I planned, and by adding real hair extensions, it gives her more of a humane presence, like there is an actual child in the room. I stitched a dress roughly creating the perfect Tim Burton striped style.

In the afternoon after the project briefing, I used Plasticine for my first model. During the animation workshop, it became an inconvenience since every time I moved her, my fingerprints would be placed on the Plasticine mould, causing it to eventually change shape and become different to it’s original state. This is why I opted for clay for my second model, and also gardening wire instead of silver lock wire, for a more rigid, stronger structure.

Second model using gardening wire, newspaper, brown paper, and clay afterwards

Finally, I learnt that I was not the most confident in technical armature sketching, and all it needs is more practice with tracing paper over photographs perhaps. I draw with very loose, sketchy lines and it was a tough challenge to maintain controlled, clean pen lines.

I have significantly developed my understanding of 3D design, and the technical approach it involves. I hope to practice and improve this style of drawing, as well as the expressive, sketchy one I’ve adapted up till now. This project also prepares me for more three dimensional work in my final project on constructed textiles.


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