Creating the animations

Previously, we created an animation as a group and for a first attempt, it wasn’t completely unsuccessful but there was definitely room for improvement! We named it “The Dance” and the link to watch it is with Helen.

Screenshot of the animation

To improve: 

  • Move the character slower, so there is no lagging effect in the film
  • Plastecine is not the best medium, it’s too messy and fiddly, loses shape as you keep touching it
  • Stronger wire is needed for the model
  • Background should be more creative and inventive

After taking all these into plan, I began by tackling the issue of a more creative background by painting one for my character. It is her bedroom, and the basic pieces of furniture, and I made sure to simplify it and have the shapes quite round to portray a child-like illustration, as my character herself is quite childish and comical.

The painted background

Now, I was ready to animate and I was so excited to finally bring the character to life on set:

On set filming

I rehearsed the stop-motion animation once before creating the final film, just so that I was familiar with moving the wire figure, and figuring out how to imitate glasses falling off her face. The whole process took 2 hours with the help of Adrian, who set up the camera and adjusted the lighting so that it was an optimal setting. Adrian also reminded me that I had to create 25 frames for every second of the animation. I am proud to say that it was a smooth process and my animation turned out very cute, and humorous:

Stills from the animation

The animation has been sent as a link to Helen, and it is available to watch!


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