V&A: Evening talk with Fred Butler

Fred Butler Its a London Thing von Fred Butler

I spent the evening meeting and listening to Fred Butler’s talk on her journey till now as a fashion designer in London. I recorded everything in my journal, but the highlights and what I researched afterwards will be in this post.

Butler completed her fashion degree in Brighton University, one of my choices. She loved blogging and she discovered that during her career, as it was easier to post daily within her busy schedule than to work in her sketchbook! She also expressed her love for London, especially the people as it’s the “greatest thing about the city”, since all her connections begun here.

She was a very timid person, and although I enjoyed her talk, it was just simply pleasant to understand the designer and who she really was as a person. I asked her,

What’s the hardest thing about working in a creative industry?

Butler: It’s not like maths or science, because you need to create immediately and on the spot, and that’s something very difficult to do. You need to think flexibly, as this is a practice that isn’t just a “tick in the box” kind of thing. You need to get used to working your way around things too, as some things are not simply clear and complete in a creative industry. 

This fashion film is my favourite by Butler. The soft music works so well with the close-ups of the quirky and bizarre garments. The colours, lines and shapes particularly the hexagons emerge as the focus themselves, as well as working together to create a very contemporary, vivid tech-savvy look.

This film plays around with the idea of a jack in the box. I’m most intrigued in Butler’s composition of hexagons around the body, and how she achieved such an intricate structure with paper, just like an origami piece. The staging with the pyramids also compliment the angular shapes that Butler establishes with the garments, and I find her skill in crafts incredible this way.

I truly enjoyed learning about Butler’s highlights so far, and seeing her enthusiasm live was inspiring and I am proud of what she managed to achieve as a young, fresh designer of this generation.


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