Rubber Stamp Workshop

It was a great pleasure to meet Stephen Fowler, an illustrator and printmaker from Central London. His book on “Rubber Stamps” is brilliant, and so beautifully illustrated. I attended the worskshop he held on how to do rubber stamping.

Fowler began by asking us to create small rectangular boxes, and then filling them in with a simple design of anything – I chose to freehand this with different shapes and with a fish image.

Afterwards, we had to transfer the design onto our small piece of rubber. We flipped our paper onto the rubber and shaded in the design we wanted, and then our design is apparent on the eraser! After carving the negative spaces of the drawing, our stamp was visible:


There were so many colours to print with, but I managed to settle for colours assosciated with the sea and the coral; blue, orange and green. Fowler also recommended the London Rubber Stamp shop in Holborn if we wanted to buy colours for ourselves to continue practicing in future.

I took this opportunity to print for my character creation project too (on the right hand side of picture). I designed a stamp on foam of myself in Tim Burton style, and I experimented with printing two colours at once which worked great! The repeated blue prints definitely gave a creepy, ghostly doll effect. Thats what I love most about the prints- they can look finished but also act as a ground for more media on top. I plan to work into some with pen, like highlighting specific features on the faces.


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