Project Launch #3 Three-Dimensional Design

This exciting new project introduces me to 2 specialist areas of character creation and animation, and provides me with a basic understanding of how to use stop motion animation software and After Effects editing software.

After the briefing, I created a 15cm wire figure, just to become familiar with the material and how I could twist it into a shape of a body. I needed to make it smaller, and able to stand, so then I made an 11cm model of myself using wire and Plasticine for her features.

Top Left: 15cm Model, Bottom Left: 11cm Model, Right: Covered in Plasticine

I was determined to create a very quirky trait with the oversized glasses. The glasses are a key feature, as they are not only a distinguishable feature, but they could represent the wittiness in my personality too! The short bob haircut distinguishes her further, and the vibrant pink outfit with a lace, black skirt indicates that she’s very stylish and girly.

Even though the model should not exceed more than 13cm, I thought that I captured her petite body size well through shorter limbs and larger feet. I aim to animate her simply walking in Adrian’s workshop tomorrow, and perhaps having her head turn, and then eventually planning much longer, difficult moves for the more sustained animation piece next week.


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