Talk #1: Andrew Wildman

“If you change the way you look at it, the things you look at change.” -Wayne Dyer, a quote that Wildman encouraged everyone to use. 



This morning we had a writer as well as an artist himself, Andrew Wildman come in to give a talk on “Transformation and Regeneration.”

Wildman immediately expressed his enthusiasm for drawing and it’s fundamental importance within art and design. He studied a-levels in art, maths and economics, and completed a BA degree in graphic design at DeMontfort University, eventually specialising in illustration.

I found it endearing how he truly achieved his perfect childhood dream- to be a comic artist. He worked on He-Man, Marvel UK, Ghostbusters and Thundercats, which was everything that he never imagined would have happened. He currently works within television, and reminded us that this was completely out of his comfort zone because he never focused on anything else other than being a comic artist. He advised us to maintain an open mind within the foundation course, and not to be chanelling all our attention onto one area of art during exploratory stage.

Wildman mentioned an unfortunate aspect within his career, which was the bankruptcy that Marvel filed for about twenty years ago. Even though they are fine now, it was quite difficult not to feel scared, and somehow anxious at the sudden slump that could occur within industries.

However Wildman was one of the best speakers I had come across, and it was all because of the energy within his words and his optimistic, refreshing attitude. When he saw an uncertainty within Marvel, he was determined to re-invent himself and is now  a successful production designer. He stressed the essentiality of transferable skills; the ability to interact with others and networking. And finally he assured us that we will be different people soon because for every 7 years, our cells change, causing us to regenerate. This was such a strong note to end on, and also a hopeful, exciting one!

I absolutely loved the clean lines he produces in life drawing ( , and how thoughtful each mark is, as they each say something about how he perceives the model. This particular aspect is what I must improve on most in life drawing.


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