Project Launch #2- Visual Communications

I chose to dive into a street photography project, because I needed to gain more experience with a camera, and digital art in general. Furthermore, I was excited to do a project that would be based outdoors, and I looked forward to developing confidence in speaking to people in public, re-shooting locals in my allocated area in Oxford, and learning about compositions within photographs.

I had a ten-minute 1-1 session with Karl on Wednesday morning after exploring my boxed area in Headington for two whole days. After the first day, I got a clear idea that Headington was not particularly the most exciting location, but very quiet instead. The locals were mainly school children, their parents, and a few elderly people. Overall, there was a sense of repetition because the same actions happened for every time I set off photographing, like locals arriving back home, post men delivering items, mothers picking up their children from school, adults carrying groceries etc.


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These are a few of the photographs I took between 2pm-4pm. Karl liked how I captured people in a “zombie-like” way, as they go about their daily routines. We discussed how my potential themes could be school-children, routines, waiting, activities in front doors. My composition was good, I had a very linear approach, and there’s a good balance of front, side and back shots. The lighting is also good, but I still need to learn more about shutter speeds and aperture for more experimental shots. I hope to accomplish this in Adrian’s DSLR camera workshop tomorrow.

Karl suggested interviewing, or approaching the locals on the streets, perhaps asking them simple questions such as the time they woke up for work etc, if I did a theme on routines.


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