Project #1 Evaluation

Here, I will reflect on my Fine Art Sculpture project, the first one of the exploratory stage in the foundation course. Overall, I am quite happy with my final outcome, and it was very satisfying to see it on a plinth:

My Final Composition


  • Casts came out well
  • Understanding of colours, shape and object compositions
  • Good choice of objects
  • Using mudrock and wax
  • Strong link to artists’ work
  • Good presentation of the A1 sheet on the “making” process


  • Initial ideas were too complicated for the casting procedure
  • The formal elements of the piece overpowers the conceptual aspect
  • More experimental compositions could be done
  • Sketchbook work is incomplete
  • Research sheet is not strong visually, the lengthy text should be in blogs
  • Research should be from different sources, not just websites

Research could be improved if I gathered information from the Brookes Library, such as borrowing a few books on casting, vitrine displays, and collections. Perhaps a visit to the Pitt Rivers museum would have helped in primary research too. In addition, using a Pinterest board would have encouraged more visual stimuli, and I would have understood more about how other artists have used my objects already.

Before, I had intentions to use my old glasses as the collection of objects to represent myself in a social, or historical way but Derek told me it would require a four-piece mould, which seemed too complicated to cast for the first time. However, I was fortunate enough to find a teapot, crystal ash tray and a dessertspoon in the charity shop, and they clearly fit with each other well.

My initial idea with the glasses seemed stronger, as it would be surrounding the topic of inheritance, and how my siblings all wear glasses, thus making it a symbolic, timeless object that has made it’s way before my mother’s time and now. But the teapot worked better technically, and introduced a different concept which was how grotesque objects could be viewed with a “beautiful” or appealing perspective.

Left: Dripping wax into cold water, Right: Clay mould

I really enjoyed the outcome of dripping wax into cold water, because the textures are so organic and I love how the wax is frozen in the shape that it has spread in. This is why I feel my collections were based more on textures and colours, than the actual conceptual depiction of grotesqueness. The pattern I created by pressing the crystal ash tray into clay also expresses this concern, and perhaps takes on a more “decorative” element than a crude one now.

I felt that my observational studies of the teapot became somewhat repetitive, as I explored nearly the same things in my sketchbook and A1 sheet. To improve this, perhaps I should organise beforehand what I want on my sheets and in my book. Nonetheless, the project has made me realise that fine art may not be for me, and perhaps I am interested in surface design or maybe decorative arts.


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