1-1 Tutorial: Portfolio Review

This afternoon, I had a long discussion with Myfanwy about my portfolio, which currently has all my A-Level work, and a few pieces I created during summer schools.

Myfanwy truly understood my approach within art and design, my strengths and the potential I have for both fine art and textiles. She clearly saw that I was worried about what I could specialise in. However, she reassured me that the course will guide me in the right direction, if I throw myself into each project. She introduced me to BA courses such as constructed textiles, theatre set design and interior architecture, all of which she believes could be suitable for me. I was surprised when she mentioned theatre, as it never crossed my mind, but she saw potential within the photographs for my A2-Level project on “Contortion”:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Myfanwy highlighted my strengths within art, and one of them was how I work well within “rules”. By bearing this in mind, I hope to discover more about myself as an artistic individual, who I am, and what I want in a career. Moreover, she explained about fine art, the difference in this career path compared to others, like the self-employment it involves. I learnt a bit about the fashion industry too, how patterns make their way onto actual, selling garments.

Although the review was initially meant to be for Ruskin, this one hour session was what I really needed, and it made me confident that everything will be clear after exploratory stage.




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