Open Day: Ruskin School of Art

On 16th September, with Myfanwy’s recommendation, I went to the open day for Ruskin School of Art in Oxford University, to hear more about their fine art course, and to ask about their entry requirements in more detail.



The Ruskin truly reflected an intense, highly competitive atmosphere, as the university only admits thirty students maximum onto their BFA course. The course also stresses that there is no design involved, and they only strive to create highly contemporary artwork. Design has always been what I have enjoyed, and whilst listening to the Ruskin tutors, I realized that for my undergraduate course, perhaps I would prefer a design element. Furthermore, I was uncertain whether my specialism was within Fine Art.


These were sustained, observational drawings of the skeleton by current undergraduates in Ruskin. Studying anatomy is essential during the course, and Ruskin offers drawing sessions in which medical students attend too. Ruskin values to channel both extremely high technical skills as well as the ability to abstract.

During the Q&A session with the tutors, I confirmed that Ruskin would not accept any lower than AAA at A-level. I would not be able to apply, however if I did have the requirements, I would still question myself. I feel unsure about dedicating to Fine Art fully, but tomorrow is my portfolio review with Myfanwy, and I am looking forward to her opinion on my contemplation between Fine Art and Textiles.





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