Project Launch #1 – Fine Art

 I chose fine art as my first project of the exploratory stage, and attended the casting demonstration session with Derek. Prior to the project, we were asked to bring in small objects to cast. Ideally, the objects needed to have a connection with ourselves, either through shape, form, color, or have a historical or social association. I chose to bring my old pairs of glasses since my mother wears glasses, and all my older siblings, which shows a hereditary trait. I planned to build my project around this concept of sight and glasses, however after speaking to Derek, he explained that it would need a four-piece mold, which is far too complicated for a first cast. He advised me to find a simpler, more effective object, and one which I could complete within a realistic time-frame.

The next morning, I purchased a teapot, dessert spoon and a crystal ash tray from a charity shop to cast. I chose these three because they fit together well in a group, because I know that tea is a cultural practice in many places, such as Japan with tea ceremonies. Additionally, I could research ceramic artists too. I’m hoping to use mudrock, clay, and wax in my first workshop session on Wednesday.



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